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Meet Vera Jane

Jane is an intuit dedicated to help her clients achieve their best quality of life on a personal, professional and spiritual level.

Jane started her professional career as a schoolteacher. During her teaching years, she developed a passion for learning about how young children acquire experience and knowledge, and how to grow their attentiveness and focus. Her studies concentrated on how leveraging one’s self-motivation and belief system can result in massive positive changes. It is during those many years in education that she developed the major tenet of her approach:  nothing is truly out of reach as long as you believe in yourself.


Jane then studied Eastern Medicine and conducted several research studies. She co-authored many scientific articles on acupuncture and the meridian points with professor P. Harichaux. Jane also ran numerous successful self-improvement workshops with private individuals and high-level business executives.

Her artistic career developed in tandem with her natural health career. Her father and great uncle were trained artists, and Jane spent long hours learning painting techniques and the meaning of artistic expression.


She started to realize the power of movement and color as well as their impact in our daily life. She paints her inspiration and her feelings, applies each color and movement precisely to the canvas. Her unique technique lets colors shine and dance by painting oils in three dimensions using knives and brushes. Her entire body of work communicates a message, sometimes vibrant and lively, sometimes soft and tranquil. 

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