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As an intuit I thought many times on how I could talk about my perceptions of life and being able to be understood by others, or at least communicate with them and not being an “alien” of some sort. How different backgrounds than mine could grasp and be comfortable with the topics I could share with them. How can we communicate with two different knowledge so far from each other? What do we have in common? Words were not resonating as my first tool, and it became obvious that Art should be the link. Oil Painting was my channel.

Colors always have been fascinating to me, and I use a lot of them. As much I can admire traditional paintings, Abstract was my call. I could let go my inspiration. It was liberating. I generally listen to music, but most importantly, my concentration become a meditation on a topic or concept I would like to share.

In general, I work in layers, and recall each of them with the knife when I start the movements. I can apply oil paint straight from the tube or spend hours to get the right shade of the color I want to work with. I also can spend days completing a small part of my canvas to match my vision with the realization.

My paintings are portals to a spiritual dimension that is directly linked with our physical description of the world. Whatever is your background, there is a path where we can start interacting.

My first paintings were signed” Whisper” and the reflection of my state of mind at that time. Then, being more confident that I was the one in charge of the communication I started to use my artistic name “Vera”.

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